Thursday, 21 March 2013

Don't Forget to Advertise your Other Books!

Today we have just a little tip for all you eBook authors out there. You have sweated over your book, checked and re-checked your copy and everything looks good.
ebook marketing channels

You've already informed your potential readership that your new volume is coming out, you have press releases and initial marketing ready to go.

The eBook has been produced to the highest possible standards...

But have you forgotten something?

Have you advertised your other books in the book you are about to publish?

Many authors forget this, and it's a very easy thing to do. When you publish your first books, you do not have any others to remind your readers about.

But when you are on your third, or maybe your tenth book, then it's high time that you reminder your avid readers about the other works you have on offer.

Since my last eBook, I now always include a section something like the one below in each and every one of my eBooks:


Dyfed is an Author and you can find his other works on Amazon:

The Big Book of Curry Recipes contains almost 1000 recipes for curries both traditional and modern. Find out about the history of curries and how they evolved. Also covers restaurant curries and curries from every corner of the world. This is one of the most comprehensive eBooks of curry recipes available today.
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The Big Book of Christmas Recipes contains over 800 classic Christmas recipes from around the globe. Find traditional Christmas recipes for every one of your Christmas meals. Also recipes for Christmas gifts, Christmas decorations and treats for Kids. All the recipes you need for a fantastic Christmas.
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The Guide to Spices and Their Uses takes you through the history of the spice trade and why spices from the four corners of the earth became so commonplace. 85 spices are described in detail, some common, some rare. Each spice is illustrated with a host of recipes so you can find out how to use that spice properly in your own cookery. This is the biggest guide to spices avialable today.
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The Big Book of Soup Recipes takes you through the whole world of soups. With over 1000 soup recipes, this is one of the most comprehensive soup-based eBooks ever published. Covers all the classic soups, but you also get a chapter on the history of soup and soup making as well as chapters on soups from around the globe as well as modern soups for the microwave, crockpot and poressure cooker. Also covered are Asian soups and African soups. Find all your favourites as well as soups you will never have seed before.
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The Big Book of Barbecue Recipes takes you through everything you need for your barbecue. In almost 1000 recipes, all the dishes for a berbecue party are covered from the starters to the drinks and desserts. All types of dishes cooked on a barbecue (grill), including sections on vegetarian barbecue dishes.
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Classic Scottish Recipes takes you through over 500 classic Scottish recipes. These are traditional Scottish recipes taken through Scottish history. Here you will find classic recipes for every meal, as well as suggestions for traditional and modern dishes for Hogmanay and Burns night. All the recipes you need for traditional Scottish meals.
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Classic Cornish Recipes takes you through over 300 classic Cornish recipes. These are traditional Cornish recipes taken through Cornish history. Here you will find classic recipes for every meal, as well as a comparison of that Cornish classic, the pasty, as it’s made around the world. Everything from Cornish pasty, through Stargazy pie to splits, clotted cream and tea cakes. But as well as the traditional there are also modern Cornish recipes from the new wave of Cornish cookery.
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Eliza Acton’s Modern Cookery. Eliza Acton was the premier cook of the early 19th Century. Her recipes were used by all other period authors, including Mrs Beeton. This is the full text of her book (with all the images), including all the additions to the American addition. Also presented are classic modern versions of her recipes, like Christmas pudding. Learn why modern cookery writers rate Eliza Acton so highly.
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Charles Elmé Francatelli’s The Cook’s Guide. Charles Francatelli was the premier chef of the mid 19th Century. He is the chef that those who re-construct Victorian recipes turn to first. Here the complete text of his 1860 book, the Cook’s Guide is presented in its entirety in digital form. As well as the book you get an introduction to Francatelli and modern versions of a number of his recipes that you can cook at home, and which help show you how to adapt Francatelli’s recipes to your own cooking. Francatelli is the forgotten celebrity chef... discover why he was so famous in his own time and why he should be re-discovered today.
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The Recipes of Africa is a collection of recipes from each and every region and country on the continent of Africa. With well over 1000 recipes it represents one of the largest collections of African recipes brought together in one place.
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Apologies if that looked like a bit of an advertisement, but I wanted to show you exactly the type of thing I include at the end of my books, as this can be a very powerful advertising technique to get the information 'out there' about your books. And it works just as well for pdfs, .mobi and other book formats.

There is an image of the eBook, a brief description and links to its Amazon sales pages (or SmashWords if you sell on SmashWords, or wherever your sales outlets are). Every six months or so I also go through my old catalog and update or extend my eBooks. This keeps the content fresh and corrects an mistakes introduced by the typo gremlins during the publishing process.

Now, as I'm amending a book I also add a final chapter on 'other books by the same author' that includes the information given above.

Then I write a press release about the book, maybe I discount it for a few weeks to go with the press release. Anything to induce a buzz and to get people buying.

I've also made book excerpts or combinations and published those in various places and in various formats. Each time I include the 'other books by...' chapter at the end and add the information you see above.

A little self publicity never hurt and more sales always means more money in your pocket.

I'm currently working on my latest recipe book on Cupcakes, Muffins and Fairy Cakes, which I hope to get published next week. Once that book is done I will be taking you all the way through the eBook publishing process using that book as a guide.

The text is all written and I am just adding the images and the cross-references for the index now, so look out for the new book announcement next week!

Over the past year I have learnt quite a bit more about eBook publishing and getting sales, so it's time I began sharing that information.

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