Tuesday, 6 November 2012

How to Make Extra Money as a Starving Writer

How to Make Extra Money as a Starving Writer

Compared with just about any other form of work, writing is a very strange business. You can work for months on a project only to have it sitting on a publisher or an agent's desk for months — and even then it might be rejected. If you go down the self publishing route, you can still be waiting a month or two before the paycheques start coming in. And the first ones will be small, unless you have been busy promoting your book.

So you need to spend lots of time and effort just to get the ball rolling with your writing and your first paycheques will probably be quite small. This means that to survive, particularly in the first months, you need some additional or external revenue and income streams.

In previous articles I have discussed some money-making methods, these being:

On another of my blogs I have information on how you can make quick (and not so quick) money by investing in websites for income. The same blog also has an article on Fifteen ways to make quick cash on the Internet.

If you are a writer today, and particularly if you are internet savvy, then you will be using the web and you should have your own blog and maybe even your own website.

I came to writing (at least for profit) through running my own website and I began writing the last time my income took a nosedive. I needed to diversify my income base and writing was that diversification for me.

It led to a whole range of other things and expanding my knowledge base also expanded the range of things I could write about and increased my income.

The secret for anyone who is working on-line is to never, ever, depend on any single income stream. The more income sources you have (particularly if a number of those are passive income streams) the better. Then you know that no matter what happens, you will always have some kind of income coming in.

For a guide to how to broaden your income sources, have a look at this article on: 101 ways to make money online. Some of the methods are instant, some are long-term, but using them will always allow you to expand your portfolio of income sources and increase your revenue streams.
Remember, even if you are a writer, you can employ your skills in an array of different directions and many of these will earn you both passive and active incomes.

The more you do the more you will get and the more secure your future will be. 

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