Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Submitting eBooks to Google Books for Free Promotion

Submitting eBooks to Google Books for Free Promotion


I'm always on the lookout for new ways to promote and sell my writing products. But some methods are so obvious that you doubt your own sanity when you finally remember and implement them.

Google Books

Google books was one of those events for me. We are all aware of Google books, the book previews that sometimes pop up when you do some searches.

Of course, Google runs these and I always thought that it was always linked to their book digitization program. Whilst this is true, they also allow authors and publishers to upload eBooks or add physical books that are then digitized and previews and searches are made available through Google.

For the books made available you can specify how much of the book anyone can see (20% is typical), they add a link to the purchase page for the book and you get the earnings from any clicks to ads associated with your book preview.

Google will also provide you with a 'search inside this book' system to embed in your own website.

Basically it's a fantastic and FREE way for you to get additional exposure for your book.

The system was originally devised for print books and books with ISBNs. However, if you download Google's Java uploader application then you can add your eBooks to the system even if they do not have an ISBN.

I would suggest that you really do need an AdSense account for this to be most worthwhile.

But if you want to sign in then go to the

Also, whilst you are there, you can sign up for Google Play, Google's equivalent to the Apple Store where you can add your eBooks in ePub format for sale through Google.


E-Junkie is another hidden gem of the internet. Basically it's a product listing, shopping cart and digital delivery system that works with PayPal, Google Checkout, ClickBank and many others. It also integrates with eBay
E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery
This is an excellent system if you want to simply add a secure purchasing system to your website or blog to sell your own eBook products.

And that is the real beauty of the system is that it can also be integrated into Blogger or other blogging systems with a simple cut and paste system. You do not need to add or configure a large shopping cart system, the E-Junkie site handles that for you.

You can also upload your content to their site and they handle secure downloads for you so that you content cannot be stolen.

You get a 1 week free trial and after that prices start from only $5 per month paid via PayPal. It's one of the cheapest and best systems I have come across. They also let you run your own affiliate program via their system.

It really is pretty cool.

So find out more about e-Junkie today.

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