Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Kindle eBook Profits, the Guide to Writing Kindle eBooks that Sell and to Marketing Them

I don't often endorse products on this blog, but sometimes, just sometimes, products come across my desk that I really cannot ignore.

As someone who regularly publishes eBooks on Amazon for the Kindle platform, I was astonished when the eBook Kindle eBook Profits was brought to my attention. From the blurb, this looked like the eBook everyone who wants to publish successfully on Amazon really needed.

The cover price of $45 was a bit steep, but I decided to give it a go to see what was on offer. The tagline for the eBook says that it's: The Complete, Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write a Successful Kindle Ebook from Start to Finish.

But enough of the hype, what does the book actually provide, and is it for you?

The book comes from the viewpoint of how you can write a book for publishing via the Amazon eBook store that will sell. Think of it as teaching you to be a ghostwriter for your own product.

The book goes through how you can do your research to find what information people are actively searching for so that you can find a topic to write about where people are hungry for the book.

Once the book is written on that topic, you are taken step by step on how to produce a kindle eBook, and then you are taken through how to market your book so that it gets noticed.

Marketing topics covered include:

How to Beat the Top 10 Positions for Your Kindle eBook Category
Do These 5 Things to Get People to Buy Your Book
How to Get Your Book to the Bestsellers List in a Category

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This information is gold. The eBook is marketed as: the ONLY guide you’ll need to start earning a RECURRING income from Amazon and I have to agree. Marketing is the area that typically lets us authors down and here you get a complete guide as to how to effectively plan the launch of your book, as well as marketing it for the long term.

The marketing techniques contained in Kindle eBook Profits are a must-read for every author. The style of writing a book to a topic guaranteed to sell might not be my kind of writing. But if you really want to make money, it will almost certainly work.

This book is not cheap, and it's not long, but I guarantee that you will glean important information from it. And if you are like me, it will begin to pay for itself in a few weeks.

I urge you to get a copy of Kindle eBook Profits right now and start putting into practice the information contained therein.

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