Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Keeping Old Blog Content Fresh

Keeping Old Blog Content Fresh

One big problem with blogs is that the content is time based, older content gets shuffled to the base of the pile as new content gets written.

It's very easy, as a result, for older (but still relevant) content to become 'stale'. There are several ways of combating this. If some of your pages fall into a them then write a blog post about them, provide links to all the pages in the theme then place a link to the master page you've just created on your navigation bar.

Another way to bring old content back to peoples' notice is to write an update about it. This is particularly important for content that gets lots of visitors.

On my Celtnet Recipes Blog site, I have a post about Cooking with Rowan Berries that has received over 3000 views. This is one of the most popular posts on the whole blog and so I keep the post fresh by adding a link page to all my wild food recipes and by posting new updates like a new rowan berry post whilst linking back to the original article.

This keeps that old post fresh and keeps the number of views going up.

If a post is successful, then it's successful because people like it and it's providing good information. Help people find the post and increase its overall popularity by adding links to it in articles you write and in your other on-line properties. The more links, the more popular it is and the better it will rank in the search engines.

You do check on your blog's pageviews don't you... and you do know which pages are getting most traffic, right?

If a page is popular put a link to it on your links section or, even better, create a Pages of Note or Popular Pages section on your sidebar and add links to all your popular pages there. In essence, this is basic blog SEO. If you've done something well, make sure people know about it.

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