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Want to take your business to the next level and experience exponential growth?

I am a writer, it's what I do and how I earn my living. I write books and articles under my own name and byline.

But, when writing for a customer, it's all about you. I write to help you and your company grow your business. That's why I offer a range of services that can be tailored to what you need to take your business to the next level.

Whether you are an individual, a startup, a small business or even a large company,  offer various services that will contribute to your growth and development.

When we work together, my focus is on the emphasis of the work I deliver, whilst helping you to develop your website or business. I also practice what I preach. The fact that you found this blog proves this. I built the blog from nothing to a site that my clients can find.

Below are the various services that I offer.

1. Ghostwriting Services

Trained as a scientist, I am an expert researcher, with an eye for detail. Have written in several fields from SEO and programming to recipes, medicine and health, fashion and pets. If you want an expert who knows how to target articles towards an audience whilst reflecting who you are and what you stand for, then you are in the right place.

I write articles that you will be proud to put your name to. Thoroughly researched and well written. Whoever you are, you will get the same quality services from my ghostwriting services.

2. eBook and Course Writing Services

eBooks are an excellent method to position yourself as an expert in any field. They can also be given away free to build your list or can be used as an essential part of a viral marketing campaign. eBooks are also sellable, giving you an instant source of passive income.

I write and self-publish my own eBooks under my own name and it's an important income stream for me. They are professionally produced with InDesign and whether you want a PDF ebook to give away, or a professional eBook to sell on Amazon, I can do all that for you.

Even if you have all the text, I can copy-edit it and format it into an eBook ready for sale.

3. Custom Research Service

If you need research done on a particular topic or area I can do this. As a research scientist in a former life, I have all the skills and training for research and can write you a report on any topic, or I can write up the fruits of the research for publishing as an article, pamphlet, eBook or custom report.

Recently I have been working for the RightPet site to research rare breeds and write breed information reports.

4. Guest Blogging for Marketing

A number of recent reports show clearly that guest blogging is the number one way to market a business online. Guest blogging is very effective and you get quality backlinks that will help your search engine rankings. If you have posts on high-traffic or select niche blogs you also get quality traffic to grow your website.

Guest blog posts that are ghostwritten also allow you to build authority about yourself and help build awareness about your brand. This can create a buzz that helps with social marketing.

I use guest blogging extensively, along with blog and forum comments to build awareness and backlinks to my own sites and blogs. You will get this expertise if you hire me for your Guest Blogging needs.

5. Blog and Web Content Writing

Blogging is probably the most effective method of marketing today. Search engines love active blogs. If you are a company without a blog, now is the time to start. If you are a company with an abandoned blog, or a blog that is not frequently updated, then you are losing far too much in both lost revenue and lost customer interaction every single day.

Recent research on advertising efficacy shows that blogging is more effective than prime-time advertising at getting advertising messages across. Blogging can also be used to narrowly target your campaigns to a local area or a specific niche. This is known as micropersausion and is far more cost effective than any other form of advertising.

But just having a blog is not good enough. You need an actively and regularly updated blog and you need to engage with customers and prospects who comment on your blog.

If you want to elevate your blog to the next level of success, with regularly-posted, quality content and lively discussions then contact me via the form below and I will see how I can help you.

6. Custom Services

Need other services not listed here (I am also a PHP and MySQL developer), need help with SEO? I am here to help you. So, if you cannot find the exact service that you were looking for, but you still think I might be a good fit for your business, or maybe you need consulting services (I have been involved with gathering user requirements and improving website design and usability). Maybe you need a combination of services to give you what you want (at a discount of course). Then I am more than happy to help.

Please feel free to get in touch using the form below, and we can see how we can work together.

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Please note, I do get a large number of enquiries via this form and I an quite selective about whom I work with. Only contact me if you want real results for your business. If your budget is very low, or you are looking for ways to manage your budget or reduce costs, then I am probably not the best fit for your need.

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