Thursday, 16 August 2012

Practising what I preach

Over the past couple of days I have been busy putting the finishing touches on two chapters that I am going to use as the basis for a new book proposal.

Over the past few years (quite a few in fact) I have been busy putting my Guide to Wild Foods on-line. This is has been a labour of love, with over 140 wild (or introduced and naturalized) plant species listing, all provided with descriptions of the plants and their edible parts and recipes.

I have thousands of recipes associated with these various wild edible plants. I've now separated them into categories based on the type of environment they grow in: farmland, woodland, scrubland, marine, sea shore etc and the new book will have chapters based on these.

Over the past couple of days I wrote sample chapters for the Trees and Introduced Plants from that list, with full descriptions of the plants and between five or six recipes for each plant.

Those chapters need a little updating ,but they are there now. The next step is to use the Guide to Writing a Book Proposal that I have published here in this blog to actually write the proposal for the book I am planning: The Guide to Wild Foods.

The aim is to get this proposal done by the end of the weekend and to submit the proposal to a range of editors and publishers at the beginning of next week.

I will be back with more information on how that process progresses, along with further information on how you can turn what you have written (whether to a website a blog or anywhere) into a publication (either for conventional print or for eBooks).

As always, the important thing is to get into the practice of writing. The more you write and the more often, then the more you will have to sell.

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