Wednesday, 15 August 2012

The Research Section

Today is a bonus post.

For all writers of technical books... whether historic, scientific, academic or literary, then to write such books you will need to have done some research. This is your chance to show an agent or publisher that you have done extensive research and that your book is authoritative.

In this section you should briefly describe the bounds of your book (if you are writing about recipes from 1660 to 1760, state that). Now list your main sources. These can be libraries, book collections, books and websites. Think of anything that you would list in the references section of your book and list the main ones.

If there are any salient points garnered from your research, particularly if noteworthy, then describe these in this section.

If possible link this to the 'about the author' section. After all, if you are an expert in what you are writing about then your research will be more authoritative and your book or book proposal is far more likely to be picked up.

Do not go overboard on this section, just use it to show that you have done your research properly and that the book you are writing is based around this research.

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