Friday, 10 August 2012

Writing the Marketing Section

Now, this is the section of the book proposal that surprises everyone and it's the part of the book marketing process that most authors do not think about, assuming it's part of the publisher's function.

However, you are the author, but you are presenting your book to a publisher as a commercial proposal. How do you know that your book will sell? That the publisher will make money from your offering?

As a result, your marketing proposal must make it clear that a market for your book most absolutely does exist. All the better if you can indicate that there is a large female market. You need to begin this section with what you think your book's largest market will be. As I write cookery books in the main I often state something like: 'This book will appeal to women aged 25 to 60'... you can then add something like 'this is an enormous section of the entire book-buying market.'

Next list all the most important markets where you think your book will sell. Don't pull your punches and don't be shy about boasting just how large the market for your book will be and how many millions of copies will be sold. After all, no one really knows what really makes a book sell or how many copies will sell. So err on the side of optimism here.

Finally, there are always minor markets for books: libraries, clubs, associations (whatever is relevant to the book). Don't forget to include these minor markets in the marketing section.

So, your marketing section should contain

1. A description of the major markets for your book (1 or 2 paragraphs)
2. A paragraph enumerating all the potential minor markets for your book

Partly this section of the book is to give the publisher a warm fuzzy feeling. But it's also an indication that you have done done your homework and that you wrote your book with an audience in mind.

When writing this section I tend to think of myself giving a lecture about the book and the various audiences I would invite and talk to are the markets for my books.

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